Profiling process

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Katzbach Marshall Profiles are perfect recreations of numerous Marshall amps for the Kemper Profiling amp, by now an industry standard. The original Marshall amps are owned and collected by Sigi Merker, a farmer and life-long Marshall addict! His huge collection includes Marshalls from all decades, oftentimes with the matching cabinets!

With his invaluable expertise it was possible to instantly dial in great tones and find all those sweet spots especially for the non-mastervolume amps. A true gem worth a special mentioning among his 85 Marshall amps is a JMP 50 MK2 Super Lead that was used by Stevie Ray Vaughan for his studio work!

For the profiling process we used mainly two cabs:
a 1960 BX loaded with Greenbacks and an old 70ies Orange loaded with G12H30!
For the „Red 800“ we used the original „Red-Box“ with T75 and for the „K.King 800“ a
Modefour cab featuring Vintage 30ies.
For the „White 800“ (owned by Olaf Kroll-Peters) we used my own „Bluish“ cab loaded with four ´71 Greenbacks.
With the 6100LE we even used the DI-Signal !

The profiling chain was:

Profiler-->Head-->Cab-->Mics-->Preamps-->TLA Tubetracker for Summing-->Profiler

Mics selection for the profiling process
-MD 421 (grey)
-Royer 121 (kindly provided by S.E.A.-Vertrieb!!!)
-MD 441
-Telefunken M 80 (kindly provided by Klemm-Music!!!)

Following preamps were used:

-Chandler TG 2 (kindly provided by S.E.A.-Vertrieb!!!)
-Universal Audio LA 610 MK2
-TLA Tubetracker

Guitars used for the samples and the finetuning-process:

- Blade RH4 Strat with Suhr-Pickups(SSV+ML+ML)
- G&L Asat-Tele with Kloppmann Bridge-Pickup (Broadcaster)+G&L-Neck-Pickup
- Gibson Explorer (Early 80ies) with Original Pickups -Duesenberg 49er with Duesenberg Pickups
- Duesenberg Starplayer TV with Duesenberg Pickups
- Fender Strat-74 with Original Pickups+DiMarzio-Double Coil in the Bridge
- Ibanez JEM 777 -Schecter 7-String with EMG Pickups

For some profiles the amps were boosted with:

-TS 9
-TS 10 (Japan)
-BBE Treble Booster

We used Vovox cabels and powerjacks during the profiling process. Again thanks to S.E.A. Vertrieb for their support !

The audiosnippets were recorded directly via a Metric Halo ULN2 into Pro Tools 10!

During the fine-tuning process for the profiles I heavily relied on the various controls of the Amp and Cabinet section of the profiler. I found the Definition and Clarity controls as well as the Cab Character controls extremely useful to further tweak the sounds. Please feel free to use these controls to adjust the profiles to your guitar´s idiosyncrasies and your personal playing requirements. Each profile offers countless tonal possibilities for variation. Do yourself the favor and experiment, I sure did so for hours on end.

I hope you will find and enjoy your own tone with these profiles!

We had a blast diving into Marshall history, check out to get an idea where your exclusive profiles come from. And … there´s more to come, the Marshall universe has to be thoroughly explored !

Last but not least,thanks to the following fellows:

- Dombag Glöckner
- Andor Arnold
- S.E.A.-Vertrieb (
- Metric Halo (
- Phil Kullmann
- Klemm-Music (
- Christoph Kemper (
- Henning Rümenapp
- Dennis Poschwatta
- Thomas Körber (
- Sigi "the Man" Merker (


cheers Godi Hildmann



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